The OTW Launch Crew is an exclusive and dynamic affiliate membership program designed to empower athletes, enthusiasts, and influencers in the world of sports and athletics. This program offers three distinct levels: Silver, Gold, and VIP Black, each packed with unique benefits tailored to fuel individual aspirations and drive success.

At the Silver level, members gain access to exclusive discounts on OTW's exceptional gear and priority access to limited-release products. They become part of a private community where they can connect with like-minded individuals and receive recognition through OTW's influential social media channels. Additionally, members have the opportunity to earn commissions by participating in the affiliate program.

Moving up to the Gold level brings even deeper discounts, personalized bats engraved with their name and signature, exclusive media exposure opportunities, VIP event access, and early access to new OTW bat releases, all while continuing to earn commissions and unlocking higher earning potential.

The VIP Black level, known as the All-Star Membership, offers maximum discounts, custom bat design collaborations, exclusive media exposure, access to invite-only VIP events, the privilege of testing and providing feedback on new bat models, and exclusive referral bonuses within the affiliate program.

The OTW Launch Crew is not just a membership program; it's a community of athletes and enthusiasts dedicated to reaching new heights in their athletic endeavors, all while enjoying a host of exceptional benefits and opportunities. Whether you're looking for discounts, personalization, media exposure, or networking, the OTW Launch Crew has something to offer everyone passionate about sports and excellence.