Covering poor workmanship or a defect in the wood within 30-days.

At OTW Bat Co. we are dedicated to crafting our custom bats with only the finest RESERVE grade Maple and Ash billets that are then hand-split to ensure we use only the straightest, most durable grains. Our billets are then Vacuum sealed and kiln dried to achieve maximum densities for the hardest bats in the game. However, no matter how dense and hard your OTW Bat may be, let's face it, every wooden bat in the world is capable of breaking. Whether it's simply from a ball hitting in just the wrong spot, cracking it over your knee, or accidentally running it over with the car, there are numerous natural and unnatural reasons your bat could break. As a result, we offer a limited 30-day return policy from the time of the original receipt of your OTW bat. We want you to be completely satisfied and thrilled with your purchase, however, this warranty does not cover mishits, getting sawed off, or any other natural or unnatural breaks. This warranty strictly covers breaks due to poor workmanship or a defect in the wood within 30 days. After 30-days we have no control or liability over how the bat is stored, transported, or used. 

Return / Warranty Policy:

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